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Here are Internet places containing useful information. If you know a great link on our subjects, please let us know.

Blogs and Forums:

TwoPenny Travels is a reincarnation of the Two Penny's original travelogue begun in 1998 and will tell about our travels, now a blog at .

LEDs blogs about Prudent RVer LED products and technological progress in the area of Light Emitting Diodes.

3 Cats Stalking is Sam Penny's discussions about issues facing our world from global warming, peak oil, and population overshoot.

The Oil Drum is a forum that discusses Peak Oil and associated issues, with engineering articles on energy production around the world. This is one of the best sources of well-founded information on the subject, mixed with a bit of strong opinions about the dangers facing us.

Peak Oil is another forum that provides the day's selections of best articles on the subject.

Energy Bulletin  provides links to useful articles on energy and sustainable living.

Technicrati - useful technical information:

Don's Bulbs offers a searchable database of specifications for most every light bulb made. You do need to know the part number for the bulb.

Lumileds  has some interesting applications for LEDs, but most of them are special applications.

Solar - useful technical information:

Plans for Solar Cookers has some interesting ideas for building solar cookers.

Survival - useful technical information:

Buckshot's Camp is concerned about survival.

Seeds by the Packet or Teaspoon offers seeds for your own garden.

There's just a multitude of useful information out on the web. Let me know if you see something we should show.