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What's New?

1/9/13: I have just finished a major facelift of all my websites. This is the result of my decision back in May, 2012 to exit the LED sales business. Nancy Lesser-Adamo took it over. After that time we did some traveling as described in my TwoPenny Travels blog. I also had published my third novel, Was A Time When, at the beginning of the year and worked at pushing that product. Alice and I are now well and planning our travels for 2013. To all those who we have worked with in the past, take care, and use LEDs. Let me know what you think of the new websites.

11/29/11: We have introduced a new configuration for the B15s and B15d products. We use the same bases as with the zipLED products, but now we provide a ZD10 or ZD6 disk like that used on the W9.RV2N and W9.RV3N products. These are now available on the B15 Bulbs page of the LED catalog. Good news, these products have full voltage regulation built in.

9/1/11: I have made a change in my policy concerning ads on my webpages. In the past I did not do ads,  but it has gotten to the point where I need the income to survive. So I have added Google Ads at various points around the website. I am not recommending any products from the ads. If you see something that interests you, please click on the ad to check it out. Also, I am not restricting the ads, so you will see some ads from competitors. Well, if they have something better, buy it there. I  believe in letting the market decide what is best. Please let me know if you think I have overdone it.

8/15/11: I just published a new article entitled
"You Can Have Too Much Lighting In Your RV" It describes how I have replaced all sixteen of the fluorescents in my base camp rig with LEDs for a couple of reasons. The obvious one was to save power (= $$$) on lighting, but I also needed to rationalize the way the lighting was done. I reduced to total lumens available from an unreasonable 17,600 lumens (effective) to 7,680 lumens and smoothed the lighting out throughout the rig.

3/14/11:  The
W9.RV3N product at a price of $12.98 has been an outstanding success. In fact, it has been too successful in the last two weeks. We placed a restocking order with a couple of hundred remaining in stock three weeks ago, and several big orders came through that cleared out our inventory. We have an order for another 1,000 in the pipeline right now, and these are expected to arrive by the end of March. Sorry for the delay -- guess that is the downside of success. You will get your parts. -- NOTE: we have now solved the backlog problem. Product is in stock.

12/12/10: My blog entitled Preview of a New LED Product: Daylight Trim Lights at typepad talks about the new Daylight Trim Lights for vehicles. These provide a bright white light that can be seen in the daylight so people can see you vehicle from a distance.

11/25/10: I just sent out a Press Release announcing Prudent RVer is 
Now at Arizona Market Place in Yuma We have a kiosk near the front of the B row and will be there all season (until April).

10/17/10: Two months ago, our very popular W9.RV3N-H replacement for the 921 bulb went OUT-OF-STOCK because our supplier shipped us product that did not meet our quality standards. We now have a new supplier, and the good news is that his prices are much less. The
W9.RV3N in Pure White (5,000K) is available for $12.98 each. We will be getting a warmer white version in about six weeks. I have also dropped the price of the W9.RV2N, used in applications where less light is needed, to $12.98.

10/2/10: Another LED Blog entry described how I used the batteries discussed below. It is called One Way to Light a RV Pantry.

9/22/10: I published a short piece in my LED blog for the Do-It-Yourselfer entitled: When You Don't Have 12-volts Available. It talks about using 12-volt batteries in areas where the 12-volt wiring of your rig is not available. I really should publish this one as a short article.

9/13/10: I wrote a short article, Those Little NightLights Are Hungry Devils and sent it to for distribution over the Internet in the next 30 days. It shows an application for the ZL1.

9/6/10: My next article, How Do LED Lights Work was sent to today for distribution over the Internet in the next 30 days. It also appears on this website and on my
LEDs blog . It gets into the physics of light and how LEDs produce light more efficiently than incandescents.

8/27/10: The article
Beware the LED Killers - Over-Heating & Over-Voltage was sent today to for distribution over the Internet in the next 14 days. It also appears on this website and on my LEDs blog .

8/24/10: Much to our surprise, our very popular W9.RV3N-H replacement for the 921 bulb has gone OUT-OF-STOCK because our supplier shipped us product that did not meet our quality standards. The supplier chose to use a new LED chip without informing us of the change and giving us a chance to approve of that change. The color of the product shipped to us did not match prior specifications, and indeed seems to be of an inferior quality. We apologize to all who are affected by this abrupt situation. We are searching for a new supplier who will exhibit a better understanding of quality control.

8/22/10: A Press Release announcing the availability of quantity discounts on the website was sent out today.

8/13/10: There is a couple of exciting changes in the website today. One is the introduction of Coupons for discounts on quantity purchases. Look at the links on the left and you see Coupons near the top. There you will find coupon codes that give you Free Shipping, 5%, or even 10% discounts on your purchases. Remember to use those codes when you check out.

The second change is a rework of the QuickShop to let you get to which bulb replacements you want quicker. It is a list of tabs for the various product categories. Your comments on how the new method works will be appreciated.

8/10/10: The
press release on the G4.RV3N-Flex was previewed on the website today. It will be released though the end of this week. We are continuing on our schedule of one PR piece per week, so long as there is useful news.

8/9/10: The article 
3 Reasons to Use LEDs for Tent Trailers  was sent today to for distribution over the Internet in the next 7 days. It also appears on this website and on my LEDs blog.

8/6/10: The article 
The Prudent RVer Knows, LEDs Make Great Patio Lights  was sent today to for distribution over the Internet in the next 30 days. It also appears on this website and on my LEDs blog.

8/3/10: The
press release on the zipLED Family of products was previewed on the website today. It will be released though the end of this week. The previous press release seems to have worked very well, and I have gotten several orders, more than I expected, especially for the W98.RV3N.

7/28/10: The
press release on the new G4 and W9 RV2 and RV3 products was released though today. This is the first attempt to use this service. We will see how it goes.

7/25/10: "The Prudent RVer says" is the new tagline for a series of articles being written and published on the Internet. If you go to the
Articles page you can see the first of these publications entitled Use LEDs to Live Off-grid on Solar Power. This piece has already resulted in a number of references on the Internet. This was also added to our LEDs blog .

7/10/10: It has been a while, but we are updating this website and introducing some new products. At the same time, some of the prices are changing. We will be sending press releases out for these changes in the next couple of weeks.

The new products of note are the G4.RV2N-H and G4.RV3N-Flex, W9.RV2N-H, and
W9.RV3N-H. We also now have EdgeLights to compliment our TrimLights.

8/1/09: We want to express our support for our country. Therefore, you will see a small image of our flag pointing out that most of our products are Made in the USA. Look for 
Made in USA

7/13/09: The website is experiencing a complete update today. There are some new products and some new pricing. Let me know what you think. I am sure there are some glitches, but most everything is in place, finally.

6/30/09: Prudent RVer announces the new
Starion LED  zipLED, offering the brightest LED LightStick made. 220 Lumens, 3.5 times the brilliance of the ZL3, and brighter than the standard 1156 bulb for less than $30, quantity one.

6/15/09: Prudent RVer is now actively seeking Affiliates and Dealers to help sell our product line. Go to our
Dealer page for more information and to make application. Commissions and significant discounts await. More details are forth-coming. Call 512-632-4626 for more details.

6/7/09: We just completed the FMCA NW Rally in Albany, OR. It was a great show, and the customer response was better than expected. They may not be selling many new RVs, but those who have a moving home are actively looking at improving them with LEDs.

4/30/09: Tthe new website is now functional. The primary new resource is our new QuickShop where all the products in the store are listed.

If you encounter any problems or errors, please report them and I will fix them as soon as I can. Send the notice to   sam -at-

New products appearing in the store at this time include the

  • G4.RV2-H  -- 120 lumen replacement for halogen puck lights
  • G4.RV2-VV -- 120 lumen replacement for vertical halogen cockpit lights
  • fLED... -- several new fLEDescent replacements for the guts of fluorescent fixtures

3/18/09: It is my 72nd birthday, and I am working away on this new website. It is designed to provide more information to our visitors and easier access to our products. It is taking a lot more effort than I thought it would.

Over the past year, several things have happened. Much of this is personal, but some concerns business and product, so read it if you are interested.
Here  is a summary -- start at the bottom and read it backwards if you are confused.

8/1/08: We have discontinued the first LightBlaster's LED bulb replacement, the B15.RV3-H, and its companion, the B15.RV4-H. Technology has passed it by, and we now recommend using our B15s.nZL3 zipLED kit for those applications where the B15.RVn was used.