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The PrudentRVer Store offers detailed specifications for LEDs to replace bulbs and fluorescents in RV and Boat interior lighting. This is the source for LEDs and other products recommended for RVs and Boats, including the newest nexLED™ LED lighting products from LightBlasters™, like LED bulb replacements, configurable zipLEDs, fLEDescent fluorescent replacements, and LED accessories. It also promotes Sam Penny's  Scenario books .

NOTE: Prudent RVer has sold its Plug-n-Play LED business to BriteLEDideas LLC (aka BLI). This store still contains the detailed specifications for those products to aid the LED customers, but attempts to purchase these products will be directed to the BLI website.


Aisle 1: LED Replacements for Incandescent Bulbs

Replace 12-volt DC Incandescent Bulbs with LEDs. If you know the bulb type, take a quick jump.

G4 Halogen Bulb series
15mm Bayonet Bulb series
921 Wedge Bulb series

Aisle 2: LED Replacements for Fluorescent Fixtures

Replace the fluorescent tubes and ballasts in 12-volt RV and Boat fixtures with LEDs.

fLEDescent™ kits for ThinLites
LightStrips for fluorescents

Aisle 3: zipLED™ LEDs

Configurable LED LightSticks replace most incandescent bulbs in an RV.

Aisle 4: ThinLUX™ LED LightStrips

LED LightStrips are great for indirect lighting and flurourescent fixture replacement or repair. 

Aisle 5: Other Prudent Products

These are some other products that we recommend to the Prudent RVer and Boater.

Aisle 6: Recommended Reading

Here you find recommended books and other media for Prudent RVers & Boaters

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We hope you found what you need in the PrudentRVer Store about the specifications for LEDs to replace bulbs and fluorescents in RV and Boat interior lighting. If you have further questions, please contact us directly.

Go green using LEDs!